Inquisitor Keirath Mavroshai

Formerly the Bloodhound of the Dark Lord. Currently a humble servant of a mad elven lord in the Silver City. Jessa's mentor. Rain's nemesis.


Keirath Mavroshai spent at least 20 years, possibly more, in the service of the Dark Lord before coming to the Light. No one is quite sure how old he is; he doesn’t look any older than he did 25 years ago, and may have elven blood commingled with his tiefling heritage. As the Dark Lord’s Inquisitor (some said bloodhound instead), he was the central nexus of spycraft (often with a side of torture and interrogation) in the Dark Defile for many years.

When presented with several captured or stolen tieflings around 15 years before the end of the war, he took Jessa Janvert for personal training in infiltration tactics, and might have saved her life in doing so.

During the events of Betrayal in the Silver City, Inquisitor Mavroshai was captured by the Temple monks and given a choice between prison or death.

He blinked, smiled at them, and chose to defect without a minute’s hesitation.

In the years since, he’s established himself as a Silver City artisan and a caretaker for the mad Lord Findan Windblade.

He arranges flowers, insists that his clients share a cup of tea with him for any consultation, and has uncanny amounts of access to information about what happens in and around the Silver City.

He also makes artwork with three drops of blood collected on rose stems; his contributors have ranged from penniless students to ranking nobles, and some particularly fashionable people have made it a parlor-game to scry over his arrangements.

Within a year of the Fall of the Dark Lord, Jessa literally dragged Rain and Keirath into what was pretty much the worst tea party ever .

At the time, Keirath lodged a formal complaint with the Temple of the Sun about the wanton destruction of a museum-quality artifact by their uncivilized little wretch of a monk.

That was ten years ago. They’re still not really on speaking terms, what with the whole nemesis thing and all. (At least, Rain considers him a nemesis; he considers Rain a half-domesticated work in progress.)

(More info access-locked here — in case some of it should come out to the other PCs in the course of gameplay.)


Inquisitor Keirath Mavroshai

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